Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids- Best Snacks Recipes

Kids like to eat finger foods because they are easy to handle, have different shapes, colors, and sizes, and are fun to pick up and explore.  They can be dipped in a sauce, offer new tastes, and enable children to learn about new choices.

Choose snack foods that are lower in total fat, saturated fat, trans fat and added sugars. Make use of fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables.  Offer a selection of sauces and dips for children to choose.  Use items from the following food groups when planning snacks:

Meat or Meat Alternates

Low-fat/fat-free Cheese cubes/sticks         Peanut butter

Almond butter                                            Turkey rollups

Low-fat/fat-free Yogurt

Vegetables (light steaming or cooking may increase acceptability of some of the following)

Asparagus spears                                        Mushrooms

Carrot coins                                                Snow peas

Carrot sticks                                               Peas

Cauliflower                                                 Yellow squash slices

Celery sticks                                               Radishes

Cucumber                                                   Cherry tomatoes

Broccoli                                                      Sweet potato cubes

Cabbage wedges                                        Tomato wedges

Corn                                                           Turnip sticks

Green pepper sticks                                    Zucchini sticks

Snap peas


Fresh fruit wedges                                      Kiwi slices

such as peach,                                            Nectarines

watermelon, plum,                                     Papaya

pineapple, and cantaloupe                         Banana slices

Pitted prunes                                              Grape halves

Berries (in season)                                      Honeydew cubes

such as blueberries,                                   Tangelos

raspberries, and                                         Tangerine sections

strawberries                                              Melon balls

Cherries, pitted                                           Mango slices

Dried fruits (such as apricots, cherries,

cranberries, prunes, and raisins)

100% Full-Strength Juices

Apple                                                          Pineapple

Grape                                                          Prune

Grapefruit                                                   Tangerine

Grapefruit-orange                                       Tomato

Orange                                                        Vegetable

Any blend or combination of 100% juice is acceptable.

Note: Juice drinks with at least 50-percent-strength juice are permitted but discouraged because double the volume is needed to meet Program requirements.

Grains and Breads (Whole-grain or enriched)

Pita bread triangles                                     English muffin cubes

Crackers                                                      Cheese or French toast strips

(all varieties)                                             Croutons

Graham crackers                                         Oyster crackers

Bread cubes                                                            Pizza sticks

Bagel bites                                                  Waffle squares

Cereals, dry (any variety)                           Tortilla pieces

Low-fat Granola                                         Wafers

Whole-grain cereals                                    Rice cakes

Baked tortilla chips                                    Popcorn (air-popped)

Dips and Sauces

Low-fat/fat-free Yogurt dip                       Fruit-based dip

Salsa and refried bean dip                          Low-fat/fat-free Cheese, melted

Sweet and sour sauce                                 Cucumber sauce

Barbecue sauce                                           Hummus

Caution:  Children under 4 years old are at the highest risk of choking on food and remain at high risk until they can chew better.  Items such as whole grapes, hot dogs, and hard raw vegetables should be sliced or diced for children to swallow more easily.