Treating Prostate Cancer:Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

How aggressive is my cancer? What is the Gleason score of my prostate tumor? What are the results of my PSA and other tests?

How much time do I have to decide on an option?

Do my other health problems make any one option better for me?

Who else should I talk to about watchful waiting? Prostate surgery? Radiation? Hormone treatment?

What are my risks with this option?

What is the chance that my cancer will come back after treatment?

Which option will give me the least problems with erections? Leaking urine? Bowel urgency?

What is the chance I will be able to have a sex life after treatment?

How many treatments do you do a year?

Is there help for any side effects I might have?

What kind of followup care will I get?

Questions for You to Think About

What other information do I need to decide?

Will joining a support group help me with my decision?

Will I be okay with waiting and knowing there’s a chance the cancer might grow?

How will my decision affect my relationships?

What side effects can I live with?

How will the side effects affect my sex life?

Will I be okay if I never have an erection after treatment for prostate cancer?

How much time, money, and support do I need for the option I choose?